Our First Day

It’s not our first day together, but it is our first official day working together! So now we have a signed agreement and the work begins. We have a level of service you should expect to receive and we have a few things we like to expect from you too.

You should always expect to have telephone access to us Monday to Friday. If we are not available you can expect to get a call or email from us with 1 hour of your call or email.
  • We understand some things change. We can be as flexible as a slinky to re-align the changes with the event. Most of the time changes are improvements.
  • We expect that you are available to us in the same manner Monday thru Friday. While the work is 95% done from our side, there are always little details that come up that need defining.
  • Once the event is underway, we ensure your load-in is accepted and facilitated until your load-out after the event!

There is a bit of work to get to this point, ready for a call?