First exploratory call to get a sense of working together

In essence you are interviewing us and we are assessing how much value we might add to your organization.

We would like to start off first by saying, nothing in this business moves fast. This is a way of saying there is no high pressure sales energy coming from our side.

We usually start by introducing each other and then start listening to what questions you have. We don’t mind at all if you are picking our brain or just want clarifications on any articles we have published.

During this call we can get a pretty good feeling for what you have and what you are after. If time permits we could give our perspective on solutions.

  • If you have requirements you want us to analyze and quote – we are happy to do that.
  • If you want us to ask questions and prepare a proposal we are happy to do that too.

Is now is a great time to start that call?