What to expect working with us?

Hi, we don’t know each other yet. If you represent a large brand and are looking to capture the 21-45 age live music demographic, then we may have some great reasons to start working together. If you are interested in how we typically get to know and work with our clients, please do read below for some high level walk-thru of our process.
The absolute best part of our job is becoming mutual assets with our clients. We love this business. It is all we do and we wouldn’t do anything else. We don’t work with just anyone and we expect you wouldn’t either.

Work with us

We usually start by introducing each other and then start listening to what questions you have. We don’t mind at all if you are picking our brain or just want clarifications on any articles we have published. During this call we can get a pretty good feeling for what you have and what you are after….

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The Proposal

We put a tremendous amount of thought and creativity into each of our proposals. Understanding the end goals of both our venues and our brands is a process that we seriously enjoy. Because we have worked with so many events, service providers, affiliates, tech companies, financial…

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Our First Day

You should always expect to have telephone access to us Monday to Friday. If we are not available you can expect to get a call or email from us with 1 hour of your call or email.
We understand some…

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