Naming Rights

85% of polled event attendees remember the naming rights sponsor and would likely switch to support a product that associated with a cause they cared about.
Naming rights can have the largest impact on consumers and pay long-lasting dividends. In addition to placing your name prominently as the event sponsor, stage sponsor, the property sponsor or even above a specialty area of the event – you must include interactive marketing. cSponsor ( given enough time in advance) can promote your naming rights package to engage consumers months before the event, compelling data collection at the event, irresistible giveaways and off-site commerce. Banners and strategic logo placement accompanied by a compelling argument to provide feedback in exchange for goods or services is always part of the project.


Naming rights with the most relevant message can pay long-lasting dividends. cSponsor does everything we can to help your creative interactions with consumers

Main Stage

Main Stage naming rights are often under utilized. Relevant messaging here creates view action shortly after


Property Naming Rights create endless marketing opportunities that rise above the normal advertising clutter