From stage seating to backstage passes at the best show, we can get you and your clients where you want to be. We have helped companies give their most important clients the best seat in the house at our events.

Creative ways to service attendees that show you care and giving VIP’s the clear distinction between general admission pricing and their pricing. Over the past 21 years in the music business, Nicole has accrued hundreds of scenarios across many brand types to help craft your unique hospitality offerings. Hospitality starts at ticketing and continues post event. Food and Drink quality levels are undervalued at different pricing tiers. VIP access for patrons vs corporate guests. Helicopter arrivals to backstage entry for your elite guests is all part of a flowing design that we have facilitated specifically over the past 5 years.

VIP Tickets

Special Access allows the sponsor to entice clients or even sell this access.

Meet and Greets

Shaking hands with a superstar at the grace of the sponsor can amplify your messaging

Backstage Pass

This very limited access is a tremendous way to drive your message to your best clients.

Sky Boxes

Show Hospitality to your VIP’s and add brand recognition.

A private, blank canvas to showcase your brand and treat your VIP’s to treatment they cannot buy.

Private Suite

Luxury, catering and service for your VIP’s while subtly putting your brand in front of everyone at the event

Rooftop Lounge

Unique and eye catching, this draws attention to your brand and creates a space that everyone “wishes” they could be at.