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Categories open for sponsorship:

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Home delivery service
  • Auto
  • Energy Drinks
  • Apparel
  • Travel
  • Medical
  • Telecom
  • Pet Products
  • Social Media Platforms
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Sports/Gaming
  • Tobacco
  • CBD
  • Vape/Smokeless Tobacco

High Impact Opportunities

Top 5 most valuable advertising vehicles on offer:

  1. Presenting Sponsor

  2. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube links

  3. Direct to consumer mobile phone text messages

  4. Personalized pre and post event emails with branded content

  5. Product samples or ‘swag’ distribution

  6. Printed collateral in the consumers hand

We assist with Native Ad placement

Native advertising is well established, it camouflages your messaging into the media format of these events and allows your brand to deliver content in a “non-salesy” way. So, unlike banner ads, native ads look like part of the experience and don’t interrupt the user interface.

#1 Presenting Sponsor

Let’s bake your messaging into outbound mobile phone messages to consumers

What you get

  • Naming rights
  • 20 vip tickets
  • parking
  • banners

#2 Social Media

Images and branded links embedded in social media posts

#3 Text Message Marketing

Let’s bake your messaging into outbound mobile phone messages to consumers

Pre-Event text message example:

Hi {customer name here} this is from the staff at {name of event here}. Thank you for your purchase of {Name of ticket type purchased here} – we are getting excited to host you soon! Get 50% off pet supplies here

Post-Event text message example:

Dear {customer name here} this is from the staff at {name of event here}, thank you for attending. We hope the experience was a good one and you come back again! We do have a parting gift for you from Geico Insurance here

#4 Personalized email Marketing

We help provide outbound email with Brand messaging integrated into Event email with supporting graphics and trackable links.

Example email

Dear {customer name here},

This is a quick email to give you specifics on how to arrive at the event and know how to get to where you want to go fast.

{insert graphic here illustrating a site map for example}

Traveling to {insert name of event here} could be another fun part of the experience. Our staff uses Verizon Wireless for data connections because they never drop out while we are streaming Pandora on their way to work.

  • Verizon has given us a one-time offer code to share if you are interested in saving $100 off:
  • Pandora is giving $30 off to our attendees if you are interested:

Kind regards from your friendly staff at {insert name of event here}

#5 Samples and Swag distribution

The simple and low cost way to acquire new customers.

Consumer brands that need to engage with the audience will be provided the opportunity to have their product distributed at the event.

We can provide staff to distribute your product the way you need it done

#6 Physical print marketing in hand

Traditional printed event marketing in the hands of each attendee!

We can incorporate your messaging into each events keepsake program

This package is a value-add offered to Brands and local businesses to entice consumers in lieu of zero physical presence.  It presents products or services on full page ads to a captive audience while waiting for the show to start and to review in the days following the event.

Designed to promote business while being a keepsake – this printed marketing collateral is a special feature provided by cSponsor direclty

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