Corporate sponsorship is our only business

Founded in 2012 by Nicole Bleess, selling branding packages for music festival access was an easy transition from her corporate advertising position at howell windham.

Very quickly her personality founds its way easily communicating with nationwide brands and converting them into value-add participants at music festivals at the same time enabling the same brands to get a return on their investment.

Fast forward to today and you will still find Nicole appearing at events making sure her Brands are well cared for and finding new opportunities at the events.

Selling ad space at a venue and erecting a tent are the after thoughts for both Name Brands and Event Owners today. At cSponsor we help tie the consumer experience to the brand to the event and back to the consumer. We conceptualize the experience from well before the event to real-time. Multi-Year contracts enable us to continue the experience after and leading up to the next event.

cSponsor is focused on brand activation’s that match the venues so that consumers can relate to both parties. cSponsor is very focused on data collection at the event to better server the event and brand while improving the customer feedback.

This year 2019 we are including ticketing and electronic marketing directly to consumers to bring the experience full circle while keeping the events brand in focus at all times.

Meet cSponsor for the first time

As Americans we tend to be more informal than formal.

As a National and International agency – we don’t often get the chance to meet in person.

As cSponsor we are happy to talk by phone, video conference on Skype or if you would like to simply start with an email – we are open to anyone one that fits your schedule.

Let’s talk at your earliest convenience – contact us

Appointments and Meetings

Talking by phone is easiest. We are always happy to take a short call and schedule a time to talk that works best for both parties.

Best times are Thursdays and Fridays for new business.

Screen Share and Presentations

It is so easy to connect by Skype and share a screen or GoToMeeting.

Talking by phone while sharing a screen makes communicating needs and ideas very easy and we will choose that whenever possible.

Swapping the screen is easy so that we can easily get out points across.


We believe in a proper and well thought out proposal from the smallest to the biggest idea. Be sure that when you ask us for a proposal, you will be getting out 100% best effort each time.

Happy and growing clients are our specialty.

Thinking “outside the box” is our winning formula.